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Teal, Floor 2, Hove Town Hall,
Tisbury Rd, Hove, Brighton BN3 3BQ, UK

Email: lulu@creative-insite.com
Tel:  07804 919349



Website Workshops and Branding Clinics.

Enabling you to confidently build your own website and manage your brand.


We run morning workshops Monday to Wednesday in each level, rotating days as  needs dictate. Please contact us if you would like to see a particular level on a different day.

Our Clinics are run every Thursday and you will need to book a timeslot to ensure we can allocate you a time.


Lulu Clark brings both the creative and the insight to Creative Insite. Specialising in Design and Branding in agencies across the UK and Australia, Lulu has been running branding projects for both small businesses and large corporates for nearly 30 years. Her natural ability to instinctively read and understand brands and how to connect them with their customers makes Lulu the perfect person to guide business owners through their own branding journey, be it the branding & marketing, or web training which has become her passion.


Simply put, this is Wix training in person. There are many intuitive website platforms out there, but whilst many are simple enough to use, they all lack the personal touch of a designer to help you through the process. Added to this, sharing tips & experiences from other like minded business people means these workshops have a huge amount of added value to offer in a creative & relaxed environment - turning a chore into a pleasure.


With a little insight and guidance from a branding specialist you will gain the tools & skills to create your own Wix website as efficiently as possible, saving hours of wasted time going round in circles. Platforms like Wix put the control back into your own hands, allowing you to create, manage and maintain your own website.


As a business owner, you need to focus on your business, not waste valuable time learning through trial & error.


Not everyone can afford an agency, nor do they possess the skills to create their own website. Put that together with being time poor, juggling your business and probably a family or household, and you end up with just another thing you can't quite give enough time or love to.

We will help you get it right first time, 

saving you time, money & effort whilst having the confidence and clarity to drive your business forward.


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